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Virtual joysticks – use them or not?

I always thought, that implementing virtual joysticks for iOS games is a mistake. They try to emulate the real thing (big console’s pad) and as such, they will always be worse. There must be something better to use the full potential of a touchscreen. And indeed in most iPhone games I tried, I didn’t like them. They were not precise enough and, even worse obscured large portions of screen, which was pretty infuriating, especially when something interesting (like a new enemy) appeared just there. I always preferred a touch & slide approach. Touch the map where you want your character to go and slide to move the map.

This was the case until I happened to spend some time with this tiny little game called Solomon’s Keep. Way too much time actually. My iPhone was getting hot from playing it. I had to recharge 3 times a day sometimes. My son played it. Even my wife tried. This is simply a great action RPG game. Little Diablo in your pocket. Various character development paths (fire mage, lighting, cone of cold, magic missile), very well thought out, randomly generated levels, some interesting bosses and more.

But most importantly (for this article at least) it has virtual joysticks implemented right. The left one for walking, the right one for shooting (err… sorry… casting spells). Most of spells are directional, so aiming does matter. These joysticks are precise enough to make complex maneuvering among enemies (which is a must at later stages of the game) and shooting at them at the same time a purely joyful experience. And I know what I’m talking about, I’ve spent like more than 30 hours in this damn game…

On the other hand, recently I tried Emissary of War, another action RPG created by some Bioware employees as a side project. It uses the touch & slide control scheme and was praised in reviews just for that (among other things of course). But you know what? It felt incredibly clumsy to me, compared to Solomon’s Keep. Maybe it’s just because I used so much to these joysticks? I don’t know. But now I have a little dilemma designing my own game…

So what do you think is the best controlling scheme for an iOS action RPG? Virtual joysticks or touch & slide? Or maybe something else entirely?

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