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Back to work

Ok, it’s been a rough month for me. Many things keeping me from spending time on my little game project. But listing them here would be pretty boring, right? What’s important I didn’t give up on my project yet, far from that actually. So now I’m officially back to working on Infinity Dungeon and also back to documenting my progress here. It’s actually pretty motivating, when people make comments…

First thing to get things back on track will be designing and creating a city themed level using these excellent free tilesets from Lost Garden. Then it’s time to add and test some gameplay at last. So stay tuned!

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Version control

Lately I was trying to find out which version control system suits best my need as an iOS developer. It’s a new environment for me (Mac, XCode, iOS and all), so my old habits most probably would need to be replaced.

In very old days as I developed software for Windows, using Microsoft Visual Studio the choice was simple. Microsoft Source Safe. It’s not free, but the company I worked for paid for it anyway. And it was fairly solid for these old days.

Then I had to switch to Java and we (a small team) had a choice. First we worked in CVS and then, after few years replaced it with SVN. Both are free, open source and pretty good, SVN being better in my opinion.

So, for a while I went the SVN route, trying to find out how to integrate it best with my new XCode IDE. It is possible, yes, but in the process I found out about git, which is the preferred source control system for XCode. It is much more tightly integrated with XCode. You can perform many operations directly from XCode, including comparing of 2 versions of a file in XCode 2-pane editor. This is very helpful.

git has one more advantage over SVN, which is especially important, when you work in a team using the same codebase. Old school way (SVN) you have one central repository. Typically it resides on some server, which all team members have access to. If you don’t have access to the server (eg. working on laptop, no internet connection), you cannot use SVN.

Using git, each team member has it’s own local repository. Files con be commited, rolled back, versions can be compared, etc. locally. Then there can be installed (but it’s optional) a central master repository (on a server), which can be synchronized with local repositories of team members whenever they happen to have internet access. It adds a bit complexity to the workflow, but the benefits are worth it in my opinion.

So basically, I chose git for my project.

Here are some links and tutorials I used for my research and then installing and configuring git both client- and serverside:

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My first post

So… this is a little weird for me. I always resisted this so popular amongst others urge to blog, twit, publish on facebook etc. But this time I decided it’s worth it. For myself mainly, to keep track of what I’m doing. And maybe to get some encouragement or good advice? I don’t know yet…

So what am I doing? Or rather what am I going to do? I recently started toying with an idea of making games for iPhone and maybe Android in the future. How original, right? There are probably hundreds of thousands of guys like me out there, right? Nevermind, this idea is just so compelling for me, that I’m going to try anyway, even if I’ll never achieve any commercial success, like Angry Birds or even just Trainyard (start small, right ?).

A few words about me now and then the regular blogging will start. I’m an experienced software developer (C, C++, Java and some other things), but have no experience on game development whatsoever. But playing games is my hobby (again, very original, right?). It was just on PC for many years. But some time ago I started to use PS3 and iPhone. So I discovered the wonderful world of portable gaming. And I know what kind of games I’d like to see more in AppStore.

So now is time to make them…

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