Forest map

01 Jul

Here is another map I was doing recently with Tiled editor, this time in rock/forest setting. It was a bit harder to work with such irregular shapes (the Dungeon map was more rectangular, hence easier), but when you figure out which tiles are outer and inner corners, it’s going much smoother. Look here if you don’t know, what I’m talking about. What I still have to figure out is how to use shadows from this free tiles from Lost Garden. On my TODO list.

So… here is the map. It just another prototype, but looks very nice on an iPhone screen nevertheless.

Click the image for the full size version.


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2 responses to “Forest map

  1. Alan

    July 10, 2011 at 20:42

    This looks amazing! The only critique from a tile loving fiend like myself would be the dinosaur looking creatures and the portal/gate looking things stand out. Overall though, the tile quality is awesome, and flows so well. Reminds me of all those great rpgs from the snes (chrono trigger, the ff games, etc etc).

  2. habrys

    July 11, 2011 at 07:53

    Yes… these are temporary, as placeholders to test some gameplay code. Just like the “stone golems” on the dungeon map. It’s much easier to test or give it to somebody to try out, when you actually have some decent looking graphics. For most of the gamers (me included) ugly graphics is a dealbreaker, no matter how amazing and polished gameplay is.

    Glad you like it, Alan.


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