My first post

15 Jun

So… this is a little weird for me. I always resisted this so popular amongst others urge to blog, twit, publish on facebook etc. But this time I decided it’s worth it. For myself mainly, to keep track of what I’m doing. And maybe to get some encouragement or good advice? I don’t know yet…

So what am I doing? Or rather what am I going to do? I recently started toying with an idea of making games for iPhone and maybe Android in the future. How original, right? There are probably hundreds of thousands of guys like me out there, right? Nevermind, this idea is just so compelling for me, that I’m going to try anyway, even if I’ll never achieve any commercial success, like Angry Birds or even just Trainyard (start small, right ?).

A few words about me now and then the regular blogging will start. I’m an experienced software developer (C, C++, Java and some other things), but have no experience on game development whatsoever. But playing games is my hobby (again, very original, right?). It was just on PC for many years. But some time ago I started to use PS3 and iPhone. So I discovered the wonderful world of portable gaming. And I know what kind of games I’d like to see more in AppStore.

So now is time to make them…

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One response to “My first post

  1. virgomonkey23

    June 15, 2011 at 13:16

    Hehehe hello there, I’m not really a fan of games. But I just made my first post on my blog and saw your post. Good luck with this blog and with your idea no matter how unoriginal you think it is. I’d like to beleive you can always bring something new into this world.
    🙂 have a great day…


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